Mass Schedule

Saturdays: 6:00 pm in English
Sundays: 9:30 am in English/Spanish
11:00 am in Italian
6:00 pm in English
Weekdays: 6:00 pm in English (No Mass on Monday)

Confessions: Saturday: 5:00 - 6:00 pm (English, Italian, Spanish) or by appointment
Adoration: Every Thursday after 6:00 pm

Vespers: Tuesdays-Friday 5:45 pm

Message from Fr. Louis Piran, c.s.

 For one hundred and fourteen years, St. Peter's has been a home where many  have experienced comfort and guidance in a true family spirit. I am  grateful to all those who made and kept St. Peter's Italian Church the  point of reference for their Faith and community life. We are fully  aware that some of you can only come to St. Peter’s on special  occasions: this is another way of belonging! As a true family we keep on  embracing also those who, for different reasons, don’t regularly come  to family gatherings. We’ll keep the light on for you!

Stay in  touch and continue to do good work wherever you live. Check often our  website and read the posted weekly bulletin. As a Catholic Parish we are  committed to value our historical heritage, to nurture the Faith of  God's people by serving the Italian population of Los Angeles. We also  embrace all those who wish to join us for the celebration of their faith  as a true Christian family. God Bless you all.  

- Fr. Louis, C.S. 

 The Parish of St. Peter was founded in the year 1904 to care for the  spiritual and social needs of Italian immigrants who came to America in  search of religious, social, and economic freedom.

 Today, through  liturgical, educational and social programs, St. Peter’s continues the  mandate given to the Missionaries of St. Charles by their founder  Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini to care for all migrants as they journey  toward the Kingdom of God. For more information on our history 

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