Casa Italiana



Casa Italiana, founded in 1972, is the  home of the Italian community of Los Angeles and a great place for those  who wish to celebrate with good Italian food in a nice Italian  environment. Casa Italiana is St. Peter's Church Hall and the home place  of many Italian organizations. It is used for multiple activities:  retreat, conferences, formation, evangelization programs, social events and banquets.

If you are associated to any of our organizations, we encourage you  to attend regularly the monthly dinner-meetings and be an active member.  Before the meetings, the members of the societies are also invited to  participate in the 6:00 p.m. Mass. If you are not a member of any church  association we encourage you to do so. Check into the “Societies” tab  and choose the one that you would like to get to know, than call the  president of that society.

Lastly, if you are seeking a venue for any of your family events and  celebrations like wedding, birthday, quinzeañeras or fund raiser, keep  in mind that we can accommodate and cater to events both big and small.

Please come and see us or for more information give us a call at:

(323) 224-9063 or (323) 225-8119 e-mail: