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Vocational Discernment in Scalabrini House Seminary


God has always called young men and women to follow Jesus and to stay  with Him. Jesus first called the Apostles, who promptly left their  previous way of life to follow Him. After them, million others did the  same and carried out special missions entrusted them by God. Among  others: St. Augustine, St. Francis of Assisi, Bishop Scalabrini, Padre  Pio, Mother Theresa, the Popes: John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II.

Today’s wars, disparity between the very rich and the very poor are  displacing about 500 million people throughout the world. Some are  refugees, other are called “undocumented”: they are all suffering and  their faith and family life are at risk. Because of these suffering  people the invitation of Jesus cannot be clearer for our young people:  “I was a stranger and you welcomed me! (Mt. 25)

Young people are not closing their eyes or walk on the other side of the road but ask: “What does Jesus want me to do for them?”

We would like to offer you a suggestion through which, if followed,  young people can make a big difference in the world with their life.  Please check the House of Discernment of the Scalabrini Fathers in Los  Angeles.

The House of Discernment is a house for Catholic young men who wish  to deepen their spiritual life in a community environment and in an  atmosphere of prayer, while deciding on a possible vocation to Religious  Life and Priesthood with the Missionaries of St. Charles-  “Scalabrinians”.

Since its opening in Los Angeles, over thirty young men have become  priests or brothers. Those who are still in the Formation Program are  completing their studies in various parts of the world: Rome, Chicago,  Mexico City, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Manila, Bogota.

The House of discernment is located at 10651 Vinedale Street - Sun  Valley, Ca 91352. Please pray for these young men that the Grace of God  and the generous support of many loving people, the Church may continue  to minister to millions of migrants and refugees throughout the world.

For more information please contact:
Vocation Director Fr. Leandro Fossa', c.s.
(818) 767-2258 or (323) 216-6278
Address: Scalabrini Vocation Office
c/o St. Charles Residence
10651 Vinedale Street
Sun Valley, Ca 91352