Missionaries of St. Charles Scalabrinians


Serving Migrants and Refugees


The Congregation of the Missionaries of  St. Charles, “Scalabrinians”, is a Religious and Missionary Community of  Brothers and Priests, founded on November 28, 1887, by the Blessed John  Baptist Scalabrini, Bishop of Piacenza, Italy. The Scalabrinians are  committed to be migrants with the migrants to respond to the urgent  religious and social needs of the migrants. The congregation is now  present in 33 countries serving the migrants through schools, parishes,  and missions. Formation Houses for priests and brothers are around the  world. Here in Los Angeles we have a Vocation Office and House of  Discernment in Sun Valley, California.

In this age of much mobility, where more than ever people are moving  from one country to another and from one continent to another, God is  abundantly blessing our Community with young vocations, especially in  third world countries like Viet-Nam and Indonesia.

God is blessing us, and the Church, with over one hundred seminarians  in our U.S. province alone, which includes Mexico, and Guatemala. While  we thank God for this flourishing moment and the young men for their  commitment and generosity, we commend you for your support. We beg you  to continue praying that God may send more people to work in our  missions in the service to migrants and that we may also continue  staffing and serving the community of St. Peter's Italian Church.

Every year St. Peter’s Parish sponsor a fund-raising gala dinner to  help the seminary. Please check in our calendar the date of the next  event and thank you for being “part of the solution”!